Epsom Salt

What is Epsom Salt?



Epsom salt is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. When it comes to magnesium and sulfate, these are two important molecules that many of us lack for long-term health. The reason we lack them is that of heavy uses of prescription drugs and eating a diet that is unhealthy. When you introduce Epsom salt, note that it has many health benefits such as treating muscle aches and preventing dry skin.

Currently, Epsom salt is a very popular remedy for many situations. Magnesium sulfate is another name for Epsom salt, which is overall a chemical compound from magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. Technically, although this chemical compound has been around for quite some time, it gets the name of Epsom salt from the town of Epsom in Surrey, England, where it was originally discovered for the purposes we use it for today. Despite its name, Epsom salt is quite different than normal table salt, but it's still named a salt simply because of its chemical structure. In a sense, it still shares a similar appearance to table salt. However, it's used to also dissolve in people's baths, and this is why it's also termed as "bath salt". Beware though, Epsom salt tastes quite differently than normal table salt, as it is bitter and unpalatable. Consumers still drink it through dissolving it in water, but due to its actual taste, we suggest that you do not add it to your food. 

How Does Epsom Salt Work?

As stated earlier, some people actually dissolve Epsom salt into water to achieve its benefits. When Epsom salt is dissolved, it actually releases magnesium and sulfate ions. It is said that the particles of these chemicals can be absorbed through skin, which assists with important functions within your body. People most commonly use Epsom salt in baths, in order to dissolve it into their skin over time. Meanwhile, others also apply it to their skin as if it is a cosmetic or take it by mouth as a supplement. 


What are the Benefits of Epsom Salt?

Here are a few ways how Epsom salt can be beneficial to your health:

  1. Relaxes The Body: When you dissolve Epsom salts in warm water in your bathtub and you dip your whole body in the water, the salt easily absorbs through your skin where it works it magic inside your body. The magnesium molecule which is separated from the Epsom salt starts to relieve your stress and anxiety in the body by producing serotonin and diminishing the impacts of adrenaline. The magnesium promotes vitality in your cells, helping you to feel energized without causing eagerness or nervousness.


  2. Relieves Pain and Cramping: In addition to Epsom salt relaxing your body, Its other benefit also helps to relieve muscle aches and pains in your body. It can relieve the inflammation in your joints as well.


  3. Assists in Arterial Health: Epsom salt helps to improve the blood circulation in your arteries by doing its best to decrease inflammation from happening. When you possess healthy arteries, this means there is a less risk of blood clots, plaque build up, and artery wall damage.


  4. Regulates Blood Sugar: A really awesome benefit of Epson salt is it helps the body's ability to produce and use insulin. When it comes to your body secreting insulin efficiently, this lowers the risk of diabetes and elevates your energy levels and quality of life.


  5. Soothes Sprains and Bruises: If you are ever bruised or suffer a sprain through exercises and other rigorous activities, Epsom salt can alleviate the soreness. It also great to remember that Epsom salt baths have also improved symptoms of fibromyalgia and arthritis, as well as it helps your body use glucose and lactic acid for energy as needed when exercising. Two cups of Epsom salt with warm bath water will do the trick. 


  6. Exfoliates The Skin: Instead of soaking in warm water with dissolved Epsom salt, you can also rub it on your skin to remove dead cells. By removing dead cells, this will have your skin looking healthier and feeling softer. You can rub Epsom salt on your hands and feet as well.


  7. Cleans The Face: Every night before you go to bed, you can mix Epsom salt with any face cleaner or an exfoliating face mask you use on a regular basis to exfoliate dead skin cells leaving your face feeling softer and clean.


  8. Dislodges Blackheads: Because Epsom salt removes dead skin cells from all over your body, it can also dislodge blackheads and oil build-up from your pores.

Other than the main eight benefits that are listed above, there are a few other benefits that have been rumored around over time. One of them being that Epsom salt actually promotes sleep. It is said that the magnesium from Epsom salt assists your brain with producing neurotransmitters that help to induce sleep. Magnesium also can create melatonin for your body, which is overall a hormone that mainly promotes sleep. As magnesium also has a laxative effect, people use Epsom salt to treat constipation. Basically, magnesium can draw water into your colon, which promotes bowl movements. 

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