Himalayan Salt Cave

Moving Meditation

This 45 Minute group meditation class is the perfect way to step out of your head and into our Himalayan Salt Cave.

(beginners to advanced will appreciate this class)

Only 4 spots available per class.


Get all the benefits of Halotherapy from our salt cave while you allow your mind to rest.

Hosted by Brittany Marsigliano

Class Times: Thursdays 6:30



"Meditation teaches the skills of breathing, of awareness, and taping into our own intuition. When we move through the body and connect to the breath, we align our attention to what is real. Rather then bringing our attention to the "What If's" and the "Should of's" . Here we learn to worry less, and trust more. 
"Think of meditation as a temporary vacation from your problems. While your problems will still be there when you finish your meditation, you'll find that you are much more centered and better equipped to solve them ! "- (Miracle Morning) We finish ready to take on any situation with a sense of calm peacefulness. "
~ Brittany Marsigliano

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