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What are Salt Lamps?


Salt Lamps are rock solid blocks of Himalayan salt hand-crafted to perfection, holding a small bulb inside. When it comes to this type of lamp, its purpose is to emit light and heat in surrounding areas. The color of salt lamps ranges from light pink to a combination of pink and orange. They usually offer a warm glow when on and are usually beneficial for air quality within rooms. The salt lamps are made from pure Himalayan salt crystals, which come from the western side of the Himalayan Mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Miners will go in the area and collect as needed, then the actual salt is hand-carved into lamps. They are also made into powdered form in order to be used as salt for food.

What exactly is Himalayan pink salt though? Regular table salt is just sodium chloride. However, pink salt is approximately 98% sodium chloride. It also contains small bits of potassium, magnesium, and zinc, and from these minerals, it gives the salt a hue that could be light pink all the way to a dark orange.

How Does a Salt Lamp Work?

The human body overall needs salt for benefits of electrolyte balance, hydration, healthy blood pressure, allergy relief, assistance to the nervous system, and more. However, all the benefits are achieved by consuming salt within your body. External effects are almost minimal. However, most people do not consume the salt from said Himalayan salt lamps in order to consume enough for the benefits to truly show. Salt naturally attracts water molecules to itself, so a large theory that has went around for centuries is that salt lamps attract water molecules in the air. Since water can also carry bad bacteria, some allergens, and horrible pollutants, the salt lamp could possibly attract and trap in these harmful substances. The heated lamp is eventually supposed to dry out the water vapor, then leave the leftover particles to stick to the salt. Because of this, we suggest that everyone with a salt lamp should wipe down and clean the lamp every couple days to clean it.

What are The Benefits of Salt Lamps?


1. Purifies The Air In Your Area: This benefit is the main reason why most buyers purchase salt lamps. Salt lamps attract water vapor that comes from indoor air pollutants such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria and traps it. Once it does this, it, then, releases only the water vapor providing the inside of your home clean, and fresh air.


2. Reduces Electromagnetic Radiation and Airborne Infections: With the emergence of smartphones, tablets, laptops, television and other electronic devices, we are experiencing electromagnetic radiation (EM) now more than ever. Realize that being heavily exposed to EM radiation can cause stress, fatigue, and illness, symptoms that we do not want. How does salt lamps help prevent this? It does this by emitting negative ions in small amounts and cancels out positive ions. This process reduces and neutralizes the harmful effects of EM radiation which causes airborne infections. It is always best to keep a salt lamp next to your electron devices to prevent the dangerous, long-term effects to you and your family's health.

3. Reduces Allergy and Asthma Symptoms: Because salt lamps reduce EM radiation, dust, mold, and mildew and provide clean, fresh air indoors, it also helps to reduce any allergy and asthma symptoms that one may have faced for months or even years. Those who have bad cases of asthma can see positive effects in a span of a week or two.

4. Helps to Promote Sleep and Elevates Mood: When it comes pathogens and pollutants in your bedroom, this can disturb the quality of your sleep. With the help of salt lamps emitting negative ions, these molecules increase your level of serotonin (a mood chemical), alleviates depression, reduces anxiety and relieves stress. Most of our clients buy one or two salt lamps for their bedrooms.

5. Increases Energy Levels: By salt lamps eliminating all of the pathogens and producing healthy air indoors, you will have a high increase in energy levels which will to you being less tired.

6. Eases Coughing: When you experience allergy symptoms, you may develop coughing spells. Coughing occurs when microscopic hairs called cilia are exhausted in the body and cannot keep away the airborne infections that permeate indoors. Because salt lamps absorb the water, eliminates many pollutants from the water and emits negative ions inside your home, it helps you breathe much easier and prevents you from coughing by keeping your lungs clean.

7. Reduces Static Electricity: We all know that static electricity can be very annoying so how does salt lamps prevent this from happening? From our previous, salt lamps neutralizes airborne particles which ultimately decreases the static electricity in your home.

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