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3 Benefits of Salt Cave Massage Therapy

You might be wondering what is a salt cave and what are some salt cave benefits? It's exactly what it sounds like: a man-made cave constructed entirely of salt, usually pink Himalayan salt, though dead sea salt is sometimes used too. It's designed to deliver a host of physical and mental benefits. Himalayan Salt Cave Therapy evolved from Speleotherapy, which is prolonged exposure to underground salt caves and mines. Many countries have been using salt cave therapy for over 100 years. Himalayan Salt

Salt Cave Massage Therapy

Cave therapy involves spending 2-3 hours every day underground in a salt cave for 2-3 weeks. Halotherapy replicates the Himalayan salt cave environment but only requires 45 minutes to achieve its therapeutic results.

Breathe Easier

Salt cave therapy and salt room benefits are wrapped up in an alternative medicine technique called "halotherapy". Halotherapy has been reported to help lessen the symptoms of many respiratory illnesses. Many have said that the negative ions in salt particles could help purify the air and potentially increase lung capacity. Other potential effects of halotherapy include:

Reduce respiratory inflammation and lessen mucus production

Relief for those suffering from asthma, allergies, chronic sinus congestion, and COPD

Reduced risk from the flu since salt has antifungal and antiviral properties.

As great as the Himalayan salt benefits are, a trip to a salt room isn't a cure or a replacement for a trip to the doctor. But if you just want to breathe a little better for an afternoon, taking a trip for salt cave massage therapy could be worth it.

Healthier Skin

This may be the most well known of all the salt cave massage therapy benefits. Himalayan salt has upwards of 84 minerals that can be absorbed through the skin, so you're actually nourishing your body as you relax and breathe deeply. Though it might sound counter intuitive since most people would think sitting in a salt cave would dry out their skin, mineral salts actually do the opposite. Mineral salts help to attract moisture to your skin and alleviate dry skin. Combine that with the natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of Himalayan salt and salt save massage therapy could potentially help clear up issues like psoriasis and eczema.

High-Quality Relaxation

Stress and anxiety of a normal part of most days for people because of work, daily life events, and many other factors. Salt cave massage therapy experts say that spending just 45 minutes inside a salt cave can relieve the same amount of stress as a few days at a beach. This is because the negative ions in the air may help boost your mood and give you more energy. Some visitors find it helps them with issues such as insomnia, stress, and seasonal depression.

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