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The Miracle Of Salt

salt cave therapy

Living in today’s world means constant bombardment from Wi-Fi, notifications, emails, and requests. This has had a substantial effect on our bodies, stressing out our systems, resulting in a buildup of positive ions — which could be harmful. Negative ions are beneficial for the human body, while too many positive ions can have adverse effects. Negative ions (oxygen atoms with negatively-charged electrons) are abundant in nature—especially around waterfalls and at the beach. What do these natural environments have in common? Salt.

Encompassing yourself in a salt room environment helps counteract the positive ions created by our wired lives that we’re encountering every day, so relaxation, grounding and getting back to our more peaceful state is the primary benefit of halotherapy.

If done before allergy season or when going into cold and flu season, salt therapy (or halotherapy) can improve the stimulation of white blood cell activity and immune function within the lungs, working as a preventative measure. Many individuals may suffer from long-term coughs that linger for three to four months after a cold, becoming chronic.

Persistent coughs can be caused by a deep dryness in the lungs. Since salt particles are very fine, they can penetrate into deep dry spots. Salt draws moisture from the air into these dry areas, having a healing, relieving, calming effect.

Salt particles can also improve the blood microcirculation of the skin, reduce inflammation, and can kill bacteria and fungi that are present with many skin conditions. Halotherapy can relieve itching while nourishing and moisturizing affected areas, and can be especially helpful for those suffering from psoriasis.

Halotherapy & Meditation

We provide guided meditations along with our halotherapy practice. This 45 minute group meditation class is the perfect way to step out of your head and into our Himalayan Salt Cave. Combine the healing benefits of both in one invigortating class. You'll find that mindful meditation while in the salt rooms gives you a whole new outlook on wellness.

Whether you’re suffering from colds, the flu, and other related symptoms, salt cave therapy. combined with meditation can provide relief by opening your nasal airways, killing bacteria and providing speedy drainage of your sinuses. Even if you’re suffering from chest congestions from the cold, salt cave therapy can help to accelerate the clearing of mucus from your lungs thereby aiding easier breathing.

Revive yourself with our salt cave therapy sessions at Floatopia Wellness today! We have state of the art float tanks, salt caves, saunas, and even more to help you fight the colds and flu and regain your health.

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