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3 Common Flotation Therapy NYC Myths

Ever heard of Flotation Therapy NYC? This increasingly popular wellness treatment is designed to create a soothing environment that minimizes sensory input to the brain and promotes deep relaxation and healing. It entails laying on your back in a special floating pool of warm mineral water that buoys your body and creates a sensation of weightlessness. Flotation Therapy NYC has been linked to a variety of therapeutic benefits, and anyone of any age can benefit from this gentle treatment.

As Flotation Therapy NYC increases in popularity, so do the myths surrounding it. Today, our wellness experts at Floatopia Wellness will break down 3 of the most common Flotation Therapy NYC myths so that you can feel confident booking a service at our NYC Float Spa. It's safe, comfortable, and can provide deeper relaxation than you've ever felt before. Read on to learn more, and feel free to contact us today if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

Myth #1: You Have To Be Able To Swim In Order To Float

If you're not a strong swimmer, you still are able to benefit from Flotation Therapy NYC - because you don't have to swim at all! Typically, the water in float tanks is saturated with epsom salt and other essential minerals that create a uniquely buoyant environment. The water is so dense that even if you were to fall asleep mid-float, you would stay suspended on the surface.

Additionally, most float tanks are only filled with about 10 to 12 inches of water, so you'd have to be trying very hard to drown in order to be successful at it.

Myth #2: Sensory Deprivation Is Used For Torture, So It Must Be Bad

Flotation Therapy NYC involves the use of sensory deprivation to promote deep mental relaxation. During a float, you should feel only a sense of weightlessness, with very little awareness as to what you may be seeing, hearing, or smelling. Many float spas achieve this by placing the floater in a sensory deprivation chamber in total darkness.

At Floatopia Wellness, we are mindful of those who may be claustrophobic, so your tank doors are never locked and in addition, we have 6 ft high walls with glass doors.

Claustrophobia aside, sensory deprivation is not always a bad thing. Although it would indeed be torturous to be locked in solitary confinement in a dark room for months on end, sensory deprivation during Flotation Therapy allows you to willfully enter a state of deep restfulness. By minimizing the flow of outward information to your brain, floating helps initiate the low-brain-wave patterns observed during meditation.

Myth #3: You Can Float in Your Bathtub For The Same Effect

Yes, technically you can float on your back wherever you have enough water and room. But simply floating will not recreate the unique environment that Flotation Therapy NYC provides. To have a true therapeutic experience, you'll need:

  • Densely saturated mineral water to provide buoyancy

  • Temperature regulation to keep the water at body temperature

  • A light-free, sound-free, distraction-free environment

It's hard to recreate these conditions outside of a float lounge, so if you're truly interested in experiencing the benefits of flotation therapy, then you should book a service at a qualified wellness spa to have the best possible experience.

Book Your Flotation Therapy NYC Session At Floatopia Wellness!

If you're in the Dix Hills NY area and would like to see how Flotation Therapy NYC can benefit you, then book an appointment with Floatopia Wellness today! We're ready to help you relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit! Contact us today for more information!

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