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5 Tips To Float Away On Father's Day

This Father's day, take your father on a great Float Session in NY. Our float therapy sessions are sure to help dad take a load off for the day. Here are 5 tips to relay to your father to enjoy his float session.

1. Hydrate

It's no surprise that our bodies operate better when we are hydrated given that we are 65% water. We highly encourage our guests to keep their water intake high following their float, but it wouldn't hurt to get started on that before your float, too.

Our Float Session in NY allows you to deeply tune in and relax, showing up well hydrated can ensure that you focus that time on yourself and not your thirst!

2. Breathe

It is recommended that you arrive about 10-15 minutes early for your float session. Spend some time relaxing and breathing deeply to prepare yourself for the zero-gravity experience that is to come.

The Float Pod will inherently relax you, but there really is no better way to get the most out of your float than to already go into it more relaxed.

During the float, you can increase your level of relaxation right away by simply being aware of your breathing and slowing it to a more rhythmic pace. Tuning into your breath is a the best way to become more present in the moment.

3. Abstain from Caffeine (for the moment)

We recommend our clients avoid caffeine if possible- for about 4 hours before their float. Doing so will allow the body to relax and help quiet the busy mind - caffeine as well as other stimulants the exact opposite of relax, they stimulate.

The deepest floats arise from the least amount of stimulation. If possible, consider avoiding caffeine the entire day of your planned float.

4. Avoid Scratching An Itch

We've all done it, and while it may be a distraction for the moment, refraining from scratching that itch while in the Float Pod is a sure way to make your float session as deeply relaxing as it can be.

It can be easy to forget in our relaxation that we are floating in Epsom salt- but for that ultimate float, make sure to keep your hands underwater!

5. Extend Your Relaxation Time

Our minds love to revert back to telling us it's time to get back to work, reminding us of to-do lists, and sometimes things we never even planned on doing.

What we don't realize sometimes is that our minds belong to us and we can choose to do things differently than what it may suggest.

Instead of jumping out of the shower and heading right back into the world, consider extending your float by spending time in relaxing areas. Here, you can bask in and reflect upon the experience you just had. You will thank yourself later.


Now that you have these 5 tips to give to your father for his Float Session in NY, take advantage of our Father's Day special going on by clicking Here.

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